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Dog Park and Pet Transportation Policies

Colorado Pet Companion is instituting two new policies effective immediately. We will no longer be providing dog park visits nor will we be providing transportation services for pets.

We are discontinuing visits to dog parks because of safety issues we have encountered when taking dogs to a dog park. Over the past year we have had two dog park incidents where a pup under our care was attacked by a stranger's dog. In one case, on of our team members was injured in her attempt to break up the fight. Keeping your pet safe is our number one concern. Since there are so many factors in a dog park that are out of our control, we will no longer be taking any pets under our care to dog parks.

We are also discontinuing providing transportation services for pets. There is too many potential liabilities that could result from providing transportation services. Since neither our professional liability insurance nor our automobile insurance cover any injuries to pet while in a vehicle, we can no longer in provide transportation services. Of course, in the event of an emergency, we will waive this policy and make sure pets arrive safely to which ever destination is necessary.

We hope you understand why we are instituting these policies, but if you have any questions please contact me.

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