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5 Reasons CPC Wouldn't Take You As A Client

Some People find it hard to believe we don't take every single client that wants to use our services given today's economy. It's the truth though. Not every person who calls is our 'ideal' client. Here are five reasons we would turn down a prospective client:

1. Aggressive Pets - If your dog is frequently referred to as "Cujo" by the neighbors, we more than likely won't want to take care of him. Animals that show agression to humans and other animals are not our forte. We are professional pet handlers and caretakers, not trainers and behaviorists. Our team members' safety comes first. We politely decline care to any pups with bite histories or any agressive tendacies. Under our care, these unpredictable behaviors could potentially become a liability and endanger the well being of a team member or third party. Our goal is to to keep ourselves and our clients safe, happy and stress free!

2. Out Of Service Area - We are based out of Louisville, CO. If you live in Denver, we aren't going to be able to help you out. We service Louisville, Lafayette, and East Boulder. We keep our service area small and manageable.

3. Job Sharing - If you have the neighborhood kid coming to take care of the pets and want us to cover a visit here or there, we will not accept the job. We will consider job sharing with an adult, but not a child. See our blog post on "Why We Want To Be Your Pet's Sole Caretaker".

4. Pets Not Cared For Properly - Every once in a while, we come across a situation where the way a pet is cared for is not up to our standard; such as a dog who is locked in the garage in the middle of winter when they are used to being inside (and the person refuses to give us access to the house), or a dog that is left out on a tie all day long. We end up feeling so bad for the pet that we just don't enjoy the job and worry all the time.

5. Requests That We Aren't Comfortable With - We are not comfortable taking a dog into an off-leash dog park on leash. We are not comfortable caring for any animals that have received noise ordinance complaints or have a history of escaping out or their harness on walks or out of the house or yard. If you have an outdoor cat who has disappeared for weeks and returns whenever he or she pleases, we are not comfortable caring for that kitty. Our hearts would be broken if your kitty took off under our care. With regards to dressing and undressing wounds, we are only comfortable with caring for that animal if we are shown how to properly care for the wound first. We have encountered pets who are protective of their injuries in the past that lashed out when we attempted to care for their injury. Regardless if your dog has their Boulder Blue Tag, your pup must be completely compliant with the Boulder Voice and Sight Program Protocol in order to join us on a Boulder Blue Tag Trail. We highly reccomend Boulder Doggie Adventures for daily off-leash Boulder Blue Tag Trail adventures. Lyndsey and her pack are AWESOME!

Are you our ideal client and want to schedule services? Contact us here!

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