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Corey Bee | Pet Care Extraordinaire

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Corey's passion for animals knows no bounds! In 2013, she transformed her passion for pets into a thriving full time career. Drawn by her love for the mountains, Corey settled in Louisville, CO, with a vision to extend her love and care to every furry friend in Boulder County. Colorado Pet Companion, Inc., her dream business, was born. Over the past decade, Corey has diligently built and nurtured a team, which, at its peak, fluctuated between 10 to 18 members, alongside a dedicated manager. However, since 2020, the team has scaled down to just Corey and Travis. Despite this change, Colorado Pet Companion remains a testament to Corey’s dedication and vision.


With a B.S. in Web Design and Interactive Media, Corey brings a wealth of experience to her pet care endeavors. Her professional journey has instilled in her invaluable traits such as reliability, organization, hard work, professionalism, and a steadfast commitment to excellent customer service. Corey's commitment to animals is unparalleled, and her extensive knowledge ensures that every pet receives top-notch care. When she's not spreading joy among her furry clients, you'll likely find her in a yoga class, exploring the foothills on a hike, or cherishing moments with her family.

Travis Beeler | Super Critter Sitter

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As a co-owner of Colorado Pet Companion, Travis serves as Corey's invaluable partner and loving husband! A true Colorado native, Travis boasts a profound bond with nature and a deep affinity for all creatures. He approaches each day with a thirst for knowledge and showers every pet with unconditional love and care. With extensive experience in pet care, Travis is known for his responsibility, reliability, and boundless compassion toward animals. His infectious personality makes him a beloved figure among both furry friends and humans alike! When he's not out walking dogs, Travis indulges his passion for music as both a performer and an instructor in music engineering, celebrating the joy of life through his artistic pursuits.

Corey Barnes and Travis Beeler

The beginning: Travis and Corey in 2013 with their first beloved clients, Linus and Fleet.


We envision a world in which all animals are treated with compassion and with the highest regard for their well-being, happiness, and comfort. Our mission is to provide exemplary dog walking, cat care, and pet sitting services that will enhance your pets’ natural inclination towards joy and delight and minimize disruptions to his or her routine. For the people attached to the pets, we want you to thrive, too. Our mission is to provide you with freedom from worry and guilt as you take the steps you need to enjoy a great quality of life and to do the work you were made to do.

Travis, Corey and their fur baby Angelo! 2023

All staff members are hired as employees, are BONDED & INSURED by Pet Sitters Associates, and Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through

Pet Emergency, LLC

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"Your care for our pups was amazing. You get four paws up from me. I really want to express my appreciation beyond payment to you. You really did a great job caring for our two puppies. We could trust few people to do what you did, and you came through with flying colors. I am forever grateful and so very thankful."

Craig Irwin, Cisco & Lochsa's owner


"I cannot thank you enough for taking such great care of Kai while we were away. I know your business will thrive — the level of care and energy you bring is so obvious."

Annalise Eaton, Kai's owner


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